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LogonUI Boot Randomizer

A Note for Exclude

Exclude a screen (folder) from randomize is a special feature of the program. You can exclude a simple screen (folder) or a category (folder that have subfolders). When you right click a category and click the 'Exclude from Randomize' all the category with the subfolders (existed or new ones) will be excluded from randomize (if you right click again you will see that appears the menu '(All) Exclude from Randomize'). The word '(All)' means that if you add new subfolders there it will excluded automatically (no need to run the program again and exclude them).

Now, lets see a limitation to this with an example:

 Lets say that we have a category (folder) with name 'Sexy'. Under that we have tree screens (subfolders), 'Sexy1', 'Sexy2' and 'Sexy3'. If we right click in category 'Sexy' and select 'Exclude from Randomize' all that folder with the tree subfolders will be excluded from randomize. Also, if we add new subfolder there, these will be excluded automatically. If we right click again to the folder 'Sexy' we will see the menu '(All) Exclude from Randomize'.
Now, if we right click the folder 'Sexy1' and uncheck the 'Exclude from Randomize', we basically break the general rule. Now we have tell the program, to exclude the folders 'Sexy2' and 'Sexy3' only. If we right click again in 'Sexy1' and check 'Exclude from Randomize' we have tell the program to exclude the 'Sexy1' folder too. So, in exclude list we have the three folders 'Sexy1', 'Sexy2' and 'Sexy3', witch means that we have exclude the 'Sexy' category AS IT IS NOW (if we right click to 'Sexy' folder we will see the menu 'Exclude from Randomize' WITH OUT the 'All'). I hope that I clear this up.
Now, if we want to exclude again All the folder 'Sexy' (with the existing folders and those that we will add) we must first uncheck the 'Exclude from Randomize' and check it again. That way we will see the '(All) Exclude from Randomize'

IN ANY CASE, if you see the '(All) Exclude from Randomize' means that under that folder everything that exist AND everything that we will add, will be excluded from randomize. If you see checked the 'Exclude from Randomize' that means that either this isn't a category or that only existing folders will be excluded from randomize and not the new ones that we will add after.