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LogonUI Boot Randomizer

How the method with bitmaps (for boot screens) work

Program can set and randomize boot screens with 2 methods:

1. Classic - using the exe file you download - nothing special. Program will use the new exe file (boot screen) you have download.

2. Bitmaps - 2 options:

i. Extract the bitmaps from the exe file (on fly) and use them - program will extract from the exe file (boot screen) you download, 3 bitmaps (number 1, 8 and 10). After that, in a copy of yours ntoskrnl.exe, will replace that 3 bitmaps, but also will replace bitmap number 9 and 11 (in the copy of yours ntoskrnl.exe) with bitmaps 8 and 10 (the ones that have extract from the exe file). I will explain below why do this.
ii. Use the existing bitmaps in folder - program will try to find 3 bmp files inside the folder of the boot screen, with names <folder name>.bmp, <folder name>PRG.bmp, <folder name>OVL.bmp.
If a bitmap not exists, program will try to extract it from the exe file (if there is one inside the folder). After that will do the same as above.

Bitmap #1 is the main boot screen. Bitmap #8 is the progress bar. Bitmap #10 is the word 'Professional'. That's for WinXP Pro.
In WinXP Home Edition, bitmap #1 is the main boot screen, bitmap #9 is the progress bar and bitmap #11 is the word 'Home Edition'.

Most of authors (for boot screens) have made the boot screens for WinXP Pro. So, Home Edition users many times will see the word 'Home Edition' when their PC is booting. That's the reason why program replace bitmaps 9 and 11 also.

Of course, that's a limitation if the author have made a boot screen for Home Edition. Perhaps in an update I will give the user an option to select what bitmaps to replace.