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Boot Editor

What' s new






What’s new in version 0.9.93

<>     First, thanks to swissboy for all the help.

<>     Full Support for bitmaps #4 - "Progress bar (Other)", #12 - "Overlay (Embedded)", #13 - "Overlay (Server Family)", #16 - "Overlay (.net)", #17 - "Overlay (Tablet PC Edition)" and #18 - "Overlay (Media Center Edition)".
 Relative options at Main screen and at dialog “Make a new Boot exe file”

<>     Now, a user can load the kernel file version that wants in BootEditor. Right click in a folder (screen) at the “Availiable boot screens” tree and you will see a menu with all “ntoskrnl*.exe” files that are in that folder. Select the one you want and BootEditor will load this file always for all folders.


         We have the folder (screen) “matrix” and inside we have the files “ntoskrnl.exe” and “ntoskrnlSP1.exe”. If we right click in folder “matrix” we see a menu with the 2 files. If we select the “ntoskrnlSP1.exe” file, BootEditor will load that file and if we select an other folder still will try to load this file from the active folder. If in a folder there is not a “ntoskrnlSP1.exe” file, will try to load the classic “ntoskrnl.exe” file.

<>     At dialog “Make a new Boot exe file”, under the check box “First, copy a clean kernel file …”, now you can select what file you want to update. There, is a combo box with all the “ntoskrnl*.exe” files that are located in program’s folder.

         Also, we can check the box “All” and program will create all the files that are inside program’s folder with the active bitmaps (one click to create all kernell versions)


         Inside program’s folder we have the files “ntoskrnl.exe” and “ntoskrnlSP1.exe”. In the combo there we can see the 2 files and we can select what file we want to update, or we can check the “All” and program will create all the files.

<>     Now, you can save the bitmaps in Run Length Encoding (RLE) format or in classic RGB format. RLE format compress the bitmaps and it is better. You can select the method you want if you right click at buttons “Save” and/or “Save All”. A relative option at dialog “Make a new Boot exe file”.

<>     Until now, if a folder had subfolders, was a category (you can not select that folder and load a kernel file). Now, if a folder has subfolders, but inside there is the file “ntoskrnl.exe”, you can select the file normally and load any “ntoskrnl*.exe” file that is there.

<>     New options at dialog Options

<>     Must say it all, thanks.


What’s new in version 0.9.92

A new option at dialog Options about the default folder when you hit the "Load image" button.

Until now, if a folder has subfolders, then it was a category (you could not select it as a boot screen). Now if such a folder has a ntoskrnl.exe file there, then it is selectable (can be used as a normal boot screen).

Small improve in code.


What’s new in version 0.9.91

<>     A new powerfull feature/function that can locate the palette's and progress bar's positions even for unknown/unsupported kernel versions. Until now the program had build in support for kernel versions

            5.1.2600.0, 5.1.2600.31, 5.1.2600.1106 (SP1) and

for DUAL CPU systems versions

            5.1.2600.0 and 5.1.2600.31

Now the progarm can locate all the infos for any file version automatically (on fly) with out any need to update the program.
A relative option at dialog Options.

<>     Now, before set a new boot screen, program will compare the version numbers of the new boot screen with the original ntoskrnl.exe file located to system32 folder. If found that versions are different (or the one is for dual cpu systems while the other not), will show a warning message.
[That way (I think) that BSOD are limited to almost 0%]


What’s new in version 0.9.9

Small bug fixes.

Support for kernel version 5.1.2600.1106 (SP1).

A new option in the Options dialog, relative to 8 bit (256 colors) bitmaps. When you try to load an 8 bit (16 colors) bitmaps, program will check the last 240 colors and if all are black then it will not convert the bitmap to a 4 bit (16 colors) bitmap, but only will cut the last 240 colors. I put this because some users that use Photoshop had some problems with the second color in the palette. Also, other 2 options there for better handling this case.

At the “Image effects” dialog, I add a checkbox for real-time preview (you don't need to hit the “Draw” button for every change).

A new option to “Make a new boot exe file” dialog, to move the progress bar out of the image (make it invisible).

What’s new in version 0.9.8

Small bug fixes.
A new dialog that can be used to set a boot screen to the default OS (or any other).

What’s new in version 0.9.78

Bug fixes from previous version.
A new dialog to swap 2 colors in the palette. Can be used to correct the “error” about the second color in the palette – second color MUST be almost black (RGB = 32, 26, 21)

What’s new in version 0.9.77

I add a dialog for image effects (menu Bitmaps – Show image effects dialog)

What’s new in version 0.9.75

Support for many image formats by using
    FreeImage.Dll -
    AxImage.ocx by Davide Pizzolato -

Bitmaps (*.bmp) - DIBs (*.dib) - Independent JPEG Group (*.jpg,*.jpeg) - CompuServe Graphics Interchange (*.gif) - Windows Icon (*.ICO) - JPEG Network Graphics (*.JNG) - Commodore 64 Koala format (*.KOA) - Deluxe Paint LBM - Multiple Network Graphics (*.MNG) - Portable Bitmap (ASCII - BINARY) (*.PBM) - Kodak PhotoCD (*.PCD) - PCX bitmap format (*.PCX) - Portable Graymap (ASCII) (*.PGM) - Portable Graymap (BINARY) (*.PGM) - Portable Network Graphics (*.PNG) - Portable Pixelmap (ASCII - BINARY) (*.PPM) - Sun Rasterfile (*.RAS) - Targa files (*.TGA) - Tagged Image File Format (*.TIFF) - Wireless Bitmap (*.WBMP) - Photoshop (*.PSD) - Dr. Halo (*.CUT) - Amiga IFF (*.IFF)

Program can load the above images and convert them to 16-colors bitmaps. Optionally can resize the image (with preserve the original aspect ratio and resizing canvas to fit the new size).
Support for dual cpu kernels version 5.1.2600.31.
Some options at the Options dialog relative to the new features. 

What’s new in version 0.9.67

Support for the kernel that is used by dual cpu systems (only for version 5.1.2600.0 of that file – if/when I found an other I will update the program again). The method I use to find out if a 5.1.2600.0 kernel file is for dual cpu or for a single one, is by comparing the original file names. The dual cpu has original file name “ntkrnlmp.exe” and he single “ntoskrnl.exe” (that’s the only different I found – I don’t know if this is correct-must be). So, if you saw some strange behaviors, check the original file names and send me a mail.
Small change in status bar (infos about the kernel version).
An extra option in Options dialog, about disabling the warning message when a bitmap can’t be found inside the current ntoskrnl.exe file (and inside current folder).
Also, if the palette can’t be found inside the ntoskrnl.exe file, program will give you a warning message (until now and in that case, at the status bar you saw the message “Default palette used”)

What’s new in version 0.9.65

Support for Photoshop palettes. Go to Options and select the type of palettes that program will handle in main form.
An option to disable infos about mouse position (in status bar) when the mouse is over the main bitmap (Enable/Disable from Options dialog). 

What’s new in version 0.9.6

Support for version 5.1.2600.31 of ntoskrnl.exe file. All options (palette, move progress bar, make new boot exe) now support the new version of the kernel file.
Also, now program doesn’t try to locate the position of palette inside ntoskrnl.exe file, but uses fixed positions. 


What’s new in version 0.9.5

Small fixes.
When you click and drag in the bitmap ‘
Main - #1’ a rectangle is created. In the status bar you can see the position and size of that rectangle (right click there for options). Also, in status bar can see the position of mouse. Not something too good, but perhaps someone want to use that infos.
An option to change the vertical position of progress bar. A relative area (check box) at top and right area of the program (down from bitmaps’ palette). Right click to that area (check box) for options. 

What’s new in version 0.9.4

Change to the About dialog. A warning when program starts for the first time. Uninstall from the help menu. User info at Options dialog. These info can be used for creating an ‘Info.ini’ file with infos about the author and the boot screen. The infos about boot screen can be added at ‘Make a new Boot exe file’ dialog. Also, I put an extra option in this dialog. 

What’s new in version 0.9.3

I correct the animation. I think now must work as in the real boot screen.
I change the way a user can test a new boot screen. Now program add a new OS based on one that the user will select, so when PC is booting you will see all the previous
OSs and the new one. By selecting the new one you will see the new boot screen. If something goes wrong then reboot and select the original OS. You can set the new OS by going at Options – Select OS button or when you hit the Test button the program will prompt you. 

What’s new in version 0.9.1

I change a little the buttons. I make them a little bigger because in some styles the users couldn’t see the captions [If someone still have problems e-mail me] 

What’s new in version 0.9.0

I put animation for progress bar.
When you are at main bitmap you can see  a preview of the boot screen (for that reason I remove the preview button).
At the status bar I put an other panel for animation. When you click there toggles the animation on or off and with right click you will see a menu with options.