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Boot Editor

A small tutorial






        Run the program first time. If you did not see any massage, all are Ok.

        In the left side of program you will see an empty tree view control.
Now go to menu File - New boot screen. In the dialog select a name and press Ok.

        Select that new screen (folder) that now appears at the tree view control. If you have select (in the previous dialog) to put a copy of yours original ntoskrnl.exe file inside the new screen, after selecting the screen, you will see the original bitmap.

        Now right click in the bitmap and select 'Load a new bitmap...'. Locate the new bitmap and after selecting it, you will see it in the program. Do the same for any other bitmap you want. Also, if you want, play a little with the palettes.

                                Now, press the button Make. In the new dialog, select what you want and press the Ok button.

Thats all.