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You can found this page at Portuguese at this link


Latest version 2.2.2

What can do:
1. Join subtitles above 2 lines and make them 2 lines
2. "Buy" time for subtitles from next and/or previous subtitle (if possible), based on user min time (e.g. 20 letters must be visible for 1 sec)
3. For very "long" subtitles (bigger than 2 times the maximum number of letters), splits the subtitle to 2 new subtitles, calculating the time for the 2 new subtitles from the number of chars they have.
This split done using these rules and with that order, so a subtitle splits where:
    a. include "- "
    b. include "." (checks if its a number (e.g. 3.500) or name (e.g. G. Somename) and ignore it)
    c. include "," (checks if its a number (e.g. 3,5) and ignore it)
    d. include ";"
    e. include "?"
    f. if nothing from above, split the subtitle somewhere in the middle

Option to put it at right click for *.srt files, so the correction done automatically.

Also corrects overlapping subtitle and has some basic edit operations (update, insert, delete)