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How to install
  <> required: msvbvm60.dll
<> required: comctl32.ocx

in most of the cases the above files must be at your PC
required: DivXMux

Here is a package with the above file

Help file at Portuguese
(Not always at latest version)

How to
   Create new file
   Create chapters
   Create menus
   Add title
   Add language menus

How menu templates work

Forum support at these links

You can found this page at Portuguese at this link

Here is a guide at French

Here is a link with reference to the XML format used by DivXMediaBuilder.

Here is a tutorial about how to create overlays and how to name it


Download the sample file from here
Extract the files inside program's folder using folder names. A new folder must be at program's folder with name 'sample'. There you can open the sample.xml



Latest version 4.2.0





What it is

It's a program to create full feature DivX files (create the final .divx file).
<> Support menus, chapters and other features of new DivX format
<> Can create the final xml file that DivXMux needs.
<> Also can create the menu files with buttons and overlays of user choice. There are some overlays that come with the program, but a user can create their own. Here is a tutorial about how to create your own overlays and how to name it.
<> No help file yet.
<> Not in beta now

Features not work
<> Simple mode (menu View - Simple Mode)
<> Mux multiple files (menu Tools - Mux multiple files)

How to install
Extract files to a folder using folder names.
Run the exe file.
DivXMediaBuilder needs DivXMux (direct link http://download.divx.com/labs/DivXMediaFormat_SDK_r2.rar)
DivXMux.exe file must be at program folder.

How to uninstall
Delete program's folder and all subfolders. Program doesn't add anything to registry.