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LogonUI Boot Randomizer

What' s new






What’s new in version 3.9.0

Full support for zip files. After downloading a screen (the zip file), just put it in any subfolder under the base folder. Program will handle it as a normal folder. All things work like usual.

In order to load pictures faster at THUMBNAILS preview, program after detect NEW zip files, will prompt you to search the zip files for pictures. After searching, will extract the picture (if any) and save it to disk under the name "<name of zip file>.zip.jpg". The real format of the picture can be jpg/gif/tiff/png/bmp but after extraction the extension ALWAYS be .jpg

[You will see this prompt only ONCE for the NEW zip files that program found. After you can use the menu Boot/LogonUI - "Search zip files for pictures..."]

For CLASSIC preview, program extracts the zip file to a temp folder and search there for pictures.


No need for Intel JPEG library any more. Program uses GDI+ from Microsoft. So, faster thumbnails preview and support for jpg/gif/tiff/png/bmp formats (even for save images).


New welcome dialog. Now, it is easier to set up the program for new users. Also, detailed instructions there, about how to restore the system in case of problems (for boot and logon screens). CHECK or better PRINT these instructions.


Some new commands when right click


Small bug fixes



What’s new in version 3.8.4

A new powerfull feature/function that can locate the palette's and progress bar's positions even for unknown/unsupported kernel versions. Until now the program had build in support for kernel versions

5.1.2600.0, 5.1.2600.31, 5.1.2600.1106 (SP1) and

for DUAL CPU systems versions

5.1.2600.0 and 5.1.2600.31

Now the progarm can locate all the infos for any file version automatically (on fly) with out any need to update the program.
A relative option at dialog Options.

Now, before set a new boot screen, program will compare the version numbers of the new boot screen with the original ntoskrnl.exe file located to system32 folder. If found that versions are different (or the one is for dual cpu systems while the other not), will show a warning message.

[That way (I think) that BSOD are limited to almost 0%]

New in version 3.8.3
I add a "View" menu. From there you can make the button bar, screen info and favorites visible or unvisible.
Program now can remember if it was closed minimized, maximized or normal.

New in version 3.8.2
Random screens now support SP1.
[In the previous update, I forgot to update the random screens to support SP1]

New in version 3.8.1
Support for kernel version 5.1.2600.1106 (SP1)

Go to dialog Options - 'Boot Screens' tab. There as 'Method to use for new boot screens' select 'Bitmaps' and there select the 'Use the existing bitmaps in folder'. Also, check the 'Reset kernel every 3 times, before updating bitmaps'.
Hit the 'Reset kernel' button and after hit the Ok button.
Now, you are ready to use the boot screens with SP1

Support for mouse wheel
Drag and drop support to move a folder (screen) from one location to another. I mean that if you drag and drop a folder inside the treeview control, program will move the folder in hard drive and update the list.
Now program will put the blank palette in the bitmaps (for boot screens), when using the method with existing bitmaps in folder (to avoid blinking).
Right click menu also in Classic preview

New in version 3.8.0

Small bug fixes.
Support for dual cpu kernels version 5.1.2600.0 and 5.1.2600.31.
I update the welcome dialog. Now includes instructions about how to act in case of problems. Also, I impruve (I think) the How it works section.
A new dialog about users that have NTFS. The first time that program will run, if it detect that boot.ini file is in a NTFS drive, will show a dialog with instructions about what to do in case of problems. In that dialog you can add a new OS (line) in the boot.ini, in order to use the boot screens 100% safe. That dialog can be accessed by going to menu Help - Show dialog for NTFS.


New in version 3.7.94
Some small bug fixes.

New in version 3.7.93
An option in the Options dialog - Extra tab, about disabling the checking for boot.ini backups with some limitations (click the "?" button there to see the limitations).

New in version 3.7.92
Better error handling

New in version 3.7.91
Improve some things from the latest update.
Also, when right click in the progress bar OR in the panel "Anim" at status bar, you will see a menu for positioning and saving the position of progress bar. You can drag the progress bar and place it where ever you want (If you want to hide it drag it below the height of the main bitmap, so Top > 480 and save that position)

New in version 3.7.9
Full support for boot screens - Real time preview for boot screens. That includes all the known features (moving progress bar vertically - Program remembers the position of progress bar using even the method with bitmaps). A new panel "Anim" at status bar (when you are in boot screens) - Click there to toggle animation.
Also, full support for the real bitmaps inside boot exe file - program first retrieve the palette from exe file and then apply it to the bitmaps. The Extract boot bitmaps dialog and the Extract directly from zip files, are updated to save the position of progress bar.
Also, when program loads the pictures for thumbnails preview, at the right area of status bar you can see the names of pictures. I put this because some users had problems in thumbnails preview (run time errors), so when you have problems, remove the picture you see in status bar and try again (or mail me and include the invalid picture to impruve the error handling).
Some other small fixes.
Again, change the host. Now I am at

New in version 3.7.861
Error handling when loading pictures.
Also, from the previus update (v. 3.7.86), some users had problems. For that reason in my home page is also availiable version 3.7.85.

New in version 3.7.86
A known bug when a user have a lot (more than 150) screens and want to see thumbnails preview, now is fixed. Also, there is a limitation about the number of screens that a user can see in thumbnails preview (about 400 max). I don't think that I correct this!
Almost forget.. I change my host. Now it is:

New in version 3.7.85
Very small fixes. A new option in dialog Options - Boot screens tab, about resetting kernel.
Also, I make some dialogs to show the focus rectangle, with a work around.

New in version 3.7.84
I put an option (in dialog Options - Extra tab), in order to show a menu item (when you right click at a screen/folder) about launch the Boot Editor (a program that I made for creating boot screens).
A small bug, about a strange run time error (path/file access error), fixed.

New in version 3.7.83
A small bug from previous version is fixed. Small improve in right click menu for tray icon.
An option to select an other way for randomizing boot screens (In many users while changing boot screens working ok, the randomize not working at all. I add a work around for this with a limitation - That option is at Options - Boot screens tab)

New in version 3.7.82
Support for select the drive where boot.ini is located.

New in version 3.7.81
I add an feature for a sefer method to set new screens. This method can NOT verify if a screen (file) is a valid Boot/Logon screen. Just checks to see if it's not a Boot/Logon screen (file), based on some rules. Try it by selecting a wrong file - [The method is very good for logon screens and good for boot screens].
Little change in UI. Little improve in code.

New in version 3.7.8
A new method for setting boot screens (similar to booxp, for the ones they know that program). Now program can set a new boot screen by changing only 3 bitmaps. This can be done either by extracting the bitmaps from the exe file (the one you download) on the fly or using existing bitmaps. You can go to ‘Options’ - ‘Boot screens’ tab and select the method you want. There you can find a button ‘Reset kernel’ that can be used if you have problems with boot screens, when you select the method with bitmaps.

I add a new dialog ‘Extract Boot Bitmaps’. Using that dialog, a user can extract the 3 boot bitmaps (for the above method) from the exe file and optionally delete that file after successful extract. The extract can be used for the current boot screen, all the screens or only the screens that don’t already have that bitmaps.

A new dialog ‘Extract Screens Directly from zip files’. Now a user can select multiple zip files that contain (boot and/or logon) screens and extract them to appropriate folder, either automatically or by manually selecting a folder. Program can find automatically the type of screen (boot or logon) and extract it to the right folder, with out asking the user. As for boot screens, program can automatically extract the 3 bitmaps and if the user want delete the exe file after successful extract.

IN ORDER to use the feature with zip files, I add a library (vbuzip10.dll) inside the programs’ zip file you download. That library you can place it in yours system32 folder OR in the folder where the program is.

I add a new tab in Options dialog: ‘Extra’. There you can select to ‘Put LogonUIBootRandomizer in right click menu for zip files’ or ‘Make dialog windows transparent’. The first is for adding the menu item ‘Extract Boot/Logon screen’ when you right click a zip file (for now that works only if you right click ONE zip file) and the second is for making dialog windows transparent.


New in version 3.7.7
A big improve in the way thumbnail images are loading (when using INTEL JPEG LIBRARY). About 5 times faster that before. Be sure to try it.

New in version 3.7.63
Small improve.

New in version 3.7.62
A bug from the bellow improve fixed. I add a menu item (in Help menu) for programs' Home page. Small change in Options dialog.

New in version 3.7.61
A small improve in the way program handle boot.ini

New in version 3.7.6
Nothing new here. I forgot to tell you that in order to work the save in jpg format you must have Intel JPEG Library (ijl15.dll). If you haven't all features works, but with bmp format (a bug here is fixed). You can find that library (ijl15.dll) by searching the net for it.


New in version 3.7.5
An option to save a bitmap from a screen in jpg format. Go to 'See bitmaps in file...' and you will see the new button 'Save...'. Also a new menu item 'Save bitmap 100 <or 1 for boot screens> in current folder' (when right click in base folder), in order to quick save a preview of the screen (usually bitmap 100 <or 1 for boot screens> contains the basic image of the screen). Also I add a new menu item 'Multiple bitmap extract...' in LogonUI/Boot menu. Now you can extract a bitmap from ALL your screens (folders) OR from all the screens (folders) that NOT HAVE a picture. That's very nice for those that have a lot screens with out a preview picture.
Also, a small change to main screen (screen info).


New in version 3.7.2

Welcome screen added. It appears if the program doesn't found a base folder (that's for new users), or if you go to Help – Show welcome screen. Improved the Exclude feature. Now you can exclude a category (a folder that have subfolders) and if you add new subfolders in there, the program will exclude them as well (no need to open the program again and exclude the new ones). See the 'A note for Exclude' to clear this up.


New in version 3.7.1
Better exclude folders from randomize (now you can exclude a category with one click). Also, a bug when you send a category (with right click) to a favorite, fixed. Small improve in tool tips. Easier uninstall (now from Help menu). Some small fixes.

New in version 3.7.0
Support for categories. Now base folder list, shows folders in tree view style (like windows explorer). That way you can organize better your screens. It's like the sites you download the screens (have categorized the logon/boot screens). So, every folder that have subfolders its a category (or subcategory) and not a logon/boot screen folder. Every folder that doesn't have subfolders is a normal screen folder. In randomize (and other operations) program handles only the normal screen folders. OLD USERS doesn't have to do anything. Program still working as before (the categories are optional). Also, some small changes and fixes.

New in version 3.6.6
Exclude folder from randomize (only for base folder). If you want to exclude some screens from randomize them (only for randomize to base folder) now you can do it. Some other small fixes.

New in version 3.6.5
I add an option (in options dialog - thumbnails) to use ijl15.dll (Intel JPEG Library) in order to load faster thumbnails preview. If you don't have that dll, search the net for 'ijl15.dll' and you will find it. New options for tray icon and load at start up. Some other small changes in UI (favorites with out tree lines, better drag and drop, sort in favorites items, small change in button bar and right click menu)

New in version 3.6.3
Small change in randomize dialog

New in version 3.6.2
A bug with RandomScreens.exe fixed. An option to go to current screen when program starts. Some other small updates.

New in version 3.6.0
Favorites feature added. Now you can make favorite lists (as many as you want) of your choise and select to randomize there. Right click support. Drag and drop support.

New in version 3.5.0
A small lifting in UI. Now program requires comctl32.ocx. If you don't have it, you can find it everywhere in the net.

New in version 3.4.0
Add an option to see bitmaps in logon files

New in version 3.3.0
Now UI is like WinXP themes

New in version 3.2.0
Bug with randomize in specific order fixed
I add a new small program to automatically randomize the screens. It's faster and better. To use it go to randomize for logon and/or boot screens and hit the OK button.