How to...


Create new file

Just go to menu File - New...
A dialog appears. There you can select the main feature (the avi/divx file that is the main movie).
After selecting the file, a new dialog appears. In that dialog you can see all the tracks (video, audio, subtitles) that the file you select have. There you can optionally update some infos about the audio and subtitle tracks.

1. for audio tracks (if you have more than one audio), its good to type the language that the audio is.
Use this format: "audio - <language code>", where <language code> is a 2 chars code that identifies the language that this audio track is (for English this code is "en"). You can find codes for other languages at dialog Options.

2. for subtitle tracks type the language at this format "subtitle - <language code>;<type>". You don't need to do this if you use Sub2DivX utility to add the subtitles to you movie. Sub2DivX will do it for you.

    <language code> is same as above

    <type> if the type of the subtitle. Possible values here are:   

Code Description
01 Other
02 Normal
03 Letterbox
04 Wide screen
05 Full screen
06 Closed Captioned
07 Forced
08 Karaoke
09 Not Specified
10 Large
11 Children
12 Director Commentary
13 Large Director Commentary
14 Director Commentary for Children
15 Normal Captions
16 Large Captions
17 Children's Captions


Create chapters

To create chapters just press F9 (or menu Features - "Create Chapters for title...") and a dialog appears. There select the title (movie) you want to create chapters for and after select way chapters will be created (every some minutes or type exactly the number of chapters you want).
CAREFUL, in order to work the chapters, at least one menu must be present.


Create menus

Hit F7 (or menu Features - "Add Menu..." or use the button at button bar) and a dialog appears.
1. First you must select the language that this menu belong (if DivXMediaBuilder has not all ready select it for you).
2. After must select the video file for the menu. Hit the button "from avi" and select the video file that will be played for this menu.
3. The other options there are easy to understand. Also you may type a name for your menu.
4. At the end hit the Ok button and a new <DivXMediaMenu> node will added to the LanguageMenu you have select at step 1.
Click this new node and you will see the 1st frame of yours video file. Also the Menu and Button properties windows will appear.

Above the area your video appears, is a new tool bar.

There you will find the "New button" and "Delete button" buttons. Use them to draw or delete buttons for your menu.
After is a button to select (make active) the shape (overlayID) for active button. Overlays are the shapes that shows a button has the focus. There are some overlays that comes with the program, but a user can create their own. Check out this tutorial about how to create overlays.
After is the button that can select what overlay the button will has. So a menu will pop up and you can select one of the overlays (bmp files) that are located at "<DivXMediaBuilder folder>\overlays" folder.
At the end is 3 color buttons. Use them to change the 3 colors maximum that overlays can have. Please check the above tutorial to find out more.

After adding some buttons will have something like this:

At the "Button properties" window, we can see all the properties for the active button. No need to type anything there, but you can if you want.
Only the selectAction is required in order the button to work ok. Hit the + button at bottom of "Button properties" window and at the dialog that appears you can select what actions will be performed if this button is pressed.
The upAction, downAction, leftAction and rightAction defines the buttons will be selected if user press the up, down, left and right buttons at remote control (or keyboard). An (very) easy way to do this is to click upAction label. The color turns to blue and you are at the "select button" mode. When the mouse is above a button you will see a hand and you can click the button to get focus if up key pressed. After this the downAction turns to blue and you can do the same.
Other things are self explained.
Of course you can resize and move buttons as usual.
Right click at buttons will pop up a menu.


Add title

Hit F6 (or menu Features - "Add Title..."). Follow the instructions at Create new file


Add Language Menus

Language Menus contain menus formatted for a given language. Just go to menu Features - "Add Language Menus..."