Latest news

Added Portuguese language file for latest version 4.2.0
<> Updated the help file in Portuguese. Download from here

(version 4.2.0 is out)
Add an option to use sound at auto menus (title - chapter - setup). This is working only if "Use VirtualDubMod" is selected at dialog Options - Menus tab.
<> Possibility to add shadow at text when creating auto menus.
<> Bug fixes.

(version 4.1.0 is out)
A new option at dialog Options - Menus tab. At "Method to convert picture to valid menu" and under "Use VirtualDubMod" a new check box named "Use only VirtualDubMod". If you check this, program will involve only VirtualDubMod to create the avi menu. Until now, program first create the temporary "<a name>.avi.avi.avi" file, and after involve VirtualDubMod to convert this avi to a valid one. I think this will eliminate the problems.
<> Problem about closing "New project wizard" is ok now.
<> Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V at menus working properly now.
<> At auto menus for titles, chapters and setup you can add extra text or picture, just right click at an existing object/text and select "Add text/picture". A new text named "Some text" appears and you can change the text or replace it with a picture.
<> A new submenu when auto creating a chapters menu about changing the caption "Chapter 1", "Chapter 2", ... to "<new text> 1", "<new text> 2", ...
<> Some small bug fixes.

(version 4.0.0 is out)
<> A new submenu “New project with wizard…” at menu File. A dialog appears where you can add the files/movies you want, select/preview/change the menus will be created and finally create these menus.
The menus can be:
1. Title menu – A menu where the user select the title/movie want to see
2. Chapter menu – After select a title/movie the user can select the chapter to play and/or
3. Setup menu – At previous menu (chapter) the user can go to setup menu where can select the audio and subtitle track.
The above menus are auto created but the user can change them. Also no need to change/modify any action. The menus are ready for play.
<> A new submenu "Menu for Audio/Subtitles setup.." at menu Tools. You can use this to automatically create a setup menu for your file. This will work if the file has more than one audio tracks and/or at least one subtitle track.
<> Added more options for the titles, chapters and setup menus. Also a user can save the settings there.
<> Bug fixes.

How to turn subtitles off
You can turn subtitles off at dialog “Add action list”.
Select the SubtitleSelectAction, select the Title you want and as subtitle track select the VIDEO track (usually the 1st one). Now when you hit the “Add action to list” you can set the subtitles to <none>.
For language creator uses: update the s2 at Form2_Module node.

(version 3.5.6 is out)
<> Added help file. I want/must make it detailed.

(version 3.5.5 is out)
<> Moving/resizing buttons at main screen apply to all selected buttons.
<> The windows for creating menus for chapters and titles are resizable (can set the width and height for the menu). Also can set a name for these menus.
<> When creating menus for chapters and titles, the texts "Select chapter" and "Select movie" can be replaced with a picture. Also all buttons can be moved/resized with arrow keys.
<> Small bug fixes.

(version 3.5.0 is out)
<> When creating menus for chapters and for titles/movies you can select almost anything you want. Frame to display, background picture, shape for the preview, overlay for the preview. Also the "<<", ">>", ... are all customizable now.
Also support for many pages when creating visual menu for many titles/movies.
Added rulers (and guide lines) with above features.
<> Small improvements.
<> Bug fixes.

7.12.2006 (version 3.0.0 is out)
<> Added rulers (in pixels) when previewing a menu. Clicking in rulers will create vertical and horizontal guide lines. When moving a button near to a guide line (at 7 pixels) the button will snap to this line. Color for guide lines can be set at dialog Options.
<> Added support to create motion menus for chapters. At dialog "Menu for chapters with preview" you can set the seconds you want the menu will be. Program will get as frames as needed, create the pictures and finally create the menu movie from these pictures. This can take some time. Also can be set a background image for this menu, just click the button Background.
<> A new overlay named "movie" that is good for the above feature.

(version 2.7.5 is out)
<> Added support to edit existing chapters when manually creating them. At dialog "Create chapter for title", after selecting a title and if there are chapters for this title, will loaded at the list and you can insert, delete or edit these chapters.
<>  When creating visual menus for chapters, program remember the positions of the preview frames when changing pages. Also, if you double click at a preview frame, you can edit the related text for this preview frame.
<> Bug fixes.
For language creator uses: update the Command7 at frmChap_Design node.

24.11.2006 (version 2.7.0 is out)
<> Added support to create visual menus for chapters. After you create chapter for a title, use the menu Tools - "Menu for chapters with preview...". A new dialog will pop up that is self explained. If chapters are more than a page you can use the "<<" and ">>" buttons to navigate. If there are more than one pages, after hitting the Create button and give a name to menu, program will name the other menus/pages using the same name with a number at the end. Of course all buttons has the correct actions (leftAction, rightAction, selectAction), except the "Main menu" button. You must manually set the selectAction for that button.
<> Small change at the order of nodes in xml file.
<> Bug fixes.

13.11.2006 (version 2.4.0 is out)
<> Added support for locating key frames. Key frames are used when creating chapters (a chapter must begin with a key frame) and when we have intro + menu.
For chapters: The 2 methods "Every minutes" and "Exactly ... chapters" start a chapter from a key frame. For the "Manually" method you can use the Shift+Enter key at the "End frame" text box and program will set this box to the next key frame - 1, so the next chapter will start from a key frame.
For intro + menu: At the "New menu" dialog you can use the "Next key frame" button to locate a valid key frame for the menu to start.
<> A new option at dialog "New menu" to select the frames per second for the movie created from a picture.
<> A new option at dialog Options to select the fore color for buttons.
<> Bug fixes.
* For language creator users:
Update the txtEndFrame_TooltipText at frmChap_Design node.

(version 2.3.2 is out)
<> A new option at dialog Options about default overlay position/size.
<> Small change in UI.

(version 2.3.0 is out)
<> Support to create menu from picture using VirtualDubMod. Users that have problems with cli.exe, now can use VirtualDubMod to create valid menus from pictures. You can select the method at dialog Options - Menu tab.
<> Added 2 more properties ("startFrame" and "endFrame") at "Menu Properties" window.
<> fps when creating menu from picture are same as the last movie/title loaded.
<> Bug fixes.

.10.2006 (version 2.2.0 is out)
<> Support to import also the overlays from DVDSubEdit. At dialog "Buttons from DVDSubEdit" check the settings you must use and hit the "?" button next to "Paste also the overlays" checkbox.
<> Fixed a bug at "One movie with chapters"
<> Change in menu order.
<> Bug fixes.

.10.2006 (version 2.0.1 is out)
<> Small change in menu order
<> "Buttons from DVDSubEdit" window now working better.
<> Bug fixes.

.10.2006 (version 2.0.0 is out)
<> Added support for getting buttons from DVDSubEdit using drag & drop. Use the menu Easy - "Buttons from DVDSubEdit..." and read the instructions there.
<> Bug fixes.

09.10.2006 (version 1.9.0 is out)
<> Auto save every minutes. Program will create 3 files named "_tmpFile_<1 or 2 or 3>_<Date>_<Time>.xml" (once at a time every the minutes the user specify) at program's folder, so you will have the last 3 versions of the file you work.
<> A new option about show the DOS window when involving cli.exe (for users that have problems).
<> defaultAudioTrack and defaultSubtitleTrack can be set at the "Add new Title" dialog.
<> Error handling at undo (program will not crash).

06.10.2006 (version 1.8.0 is out)
<> Undo added (8 levels) but only at any edit within menus. Is not perfect but is working.
<> Copy - Paste button(s). Paste can be done to same or other menu. Only position, size and overlays are copied and not the actions and relations between buttons.
<> Support to load chapters from .txt file created by ChapterXtractor. In order to see how this will work, read the "How to set up ChapterXtractor to load chapters.txt" inside the file.
<> After deleting a button the relationship between remaining buttons are updated.

03.10.2006 (version 1.7.0 is out)
<> Support to select many buttons at once. Just hold Shift and click & drag in area outside of buttons. All button inside this area will be selected (the border will change). Also you can use Ctrl - click at buttons to select them. After you can set overlays and line width for all selected buttons. Also, you can set align (left, right, top, bottom) and make same size (width, height, both) for selected buttons.
<> I change the menu a little. I put a new menu named Easy. There you can find 2 submenus, the "Many movies with menu" (old one) and the "One movie with chapters" (new one). With "One movie with chapters" you can easily create a divx file that has chapters.
<> Possibility to add the name of chapters when creating them manually.
<> Bug fixes.

26.9.2006 (version 1.6.0 is out)
<> Fixed a bug when double clicking at a button.
<> A new option at dialog Options - Menus tab about not involving the file cli.exe when creating avi/menu from a picture.
<> Better menu creation from a picture. Pictures must be maximum 720x576 pixels.
<> Portuguese language is now up to date. Also added Romanian and Russian languages.
<> There are users that can use successfully cli.exe, but others have problems. Must be something with settings. I will try to found the error.

22.9.2006 (version 1.5.5 is out)
<> Bug fixes. Now all features when export or insert menu templates are working.
<> A new overlay "2bullets}.bmp". Check the How to create overlays to see how it works an overlay if the name ends with '}'.
<> Greece language is working now with all new features. Portuguese language will be ok next week.

21.9.2006 (version 1.5.0 is out)
<> Menu templates - a new feature. Use the menu Tools - "Export menu to template..." to export a menu as a template. Use the menu Tools - "Insert menu template..." to add a menu template in an exi
sting Language menu. See more for templates here. Audio for menu templates is not supported yet.
When loading/saving a file the program remember the last directory used
<> You can set the default overlay for buttons at dialog Options - More tab.
<> At same tab you can select where and how to save the output (new) DivX file.
<> Bug fixes.

19.9.2006 (version 1.1.1 is out)
<> Support to load chapters from .txt file (from PgcDemux). Test it to see if works.

(version 1.1.0 is out)
<> Now, you can create chapters for all titles/movies at once.
<> When creating a menu to play many movies, you can create automatically chapters for all the movies included in the menu.
<> A new option about running the new DivX file after creation.
<> Bug fixes.

15.9.2006 (version 1.0.0 is out)
<> Added support to create menu from picture. In order to do this, DivXMediaBuilder needs the file cli.exe that comes with Dr. DivX 2.00 OSS. The program will prompt you to locate this file.
<> Added support to automatically create a menu to play many movies. Program will create a picture with preview (a frame) of the movies and after will convert this picture to a menu ready to play.
<> Added copy-paste for button size.
<> Bug fixes.

1.6.2006 (version 0.9.7 is out)
<> Add language support. Up to now there are 3 languages (English, Greece and Portuguese). You can select and create new languages and menu Help - Languages. Its very easy. Please, if you create any new language, send it to me to include it with my program.
<> I lost some of my source files, but I rewrite them. If you found any strange problems, send me a mail.

.5.2006 (version 0.9.6 is out)
<> Fixed a bug relative to deleting a menu

(version 0.9.5 is out)
<> Add an option to set the start and end frame for playing a menu at the "New Menu" window (with movie preview). Also a new button "from menu" in order to create a menu that will have as video, the same as a menu all ready exist. This is useful if you have a video for menu that has an intro at the beginning and after is the "real" menu with the buttons.
<> Change the creation of divx files to support the above (nothing visible to users). Please check for bugs.
<> Bug fixes

4.5.2006 (version 0.9.4 is out)
<> Fixed a bug that don't let menu names with spaces to work ok

2.5.2006 (version 0.9.3 is out)
<> Add buttons to menu toolbar to select the frame that will be displayed in DivXMediaBuilder
<> Add buttons to menu toolbar to play/load, stop and close/unload the movie file. Note: the menu buttons will not be visible while playing. Must close/unload movie to see buttons again
<> Correct the PlayFromCurrentOffsetAction. Until now was named PlayFromCurrentOffset. Please check it if you can at a hardware DivX player
<> Bug fixes

(version 0.9.0 is out)
<> Add an option to create chapters manually (with movie preview) after user request
<> Fixed a bug relative to overlays that make menus not working ok with DVD/DivX players
<> Bug fixes

(version 0.8.5 is out)
<> Fixed a bug that don't let menus with same avi file name (but at different folders) to work ok
<> Add some new "on the fly" overlays (not at overlays folder)
<> Add a new overlay "Text" to allow users to create text overlays on the fly
<> Add a feature to create an overlay from any picture. Of course the new overlay will have only 4 colors (blue-transparent and 3 more)
<> Some new options at dialog Options
<> Bug fixes

(version 0.8.0 is out)
<> A new option to lock the buttons at menus
<> Some new options at dialog Options
<> Added recent files list
<> Bug fixes

3.4.2006 (version 0.7.7 is out)
<> New name DivXMediaBuilder (this is the last one, I promise).
<> Support for DivXMux r2 (I fix a bug that don't let work with r2)
<> Bug fixes

30.3.2006 (version 0.7.5 is out)
<> New name Avi2DivXGUI because old name (AviMuxGUI) was in use by an other app (I hope new name is not).
<> Bug fixes
<> Better error checking
<> A new option about replacing the output divx file
<> More overlays

29.3.2006 (version 0.7.1 is out)
<> Support for relative paths in xml file
<> Add a sample project that can be downloaded from