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LogonUI Boot Randomizer

You want to know how to create Logon screens? Check out this program:



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What it is
What it does - Features
How much it cost
How it works
How to install
   <> required: msvbvm60.dll
  <> required: comctl32.ocx
How to uninstall

What's new

A Note for Exclude

How the method with bitmaps (for boot screens) work

Strange problems
Have you strange problems when starting the program?


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Randomize dialog1
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Multiple Bitmaps Extract
Extract Boot Bitmaps
Extract Directly from zip files


Latest News                                 

Latest version 3.9.0

For bugs, requests... my e-mail is:


 What it is

·         It's a Logon and Boot screens manager for WinXP (based on an idea by M. Deepak)

·         Program is designed to interact as little as possible with the user. If you set randomizing to main (base) folder (see How it works), every time you download a new boot/screen folder and put it where you want, there is no need to run the program again. It will include the new screen automatically. Also, if you exclude a category (folder) from randomize (see A Note for Exclude), in order to exclude screens from randomize them, when you download a new one and put it there, there is no need to run the program and update the exclude with the new screen. Program it will excluded automatically.

What it does - Features

·         Changes the Logon and Boot screens in WinXP

·         Randomize (3 methods) the Logon and Boot screens. In order to randomize there is NO need to load the program to tray or something like that. If you set randomizing the program will run the appropriate time, randomize the logon/boot screen and then close.

·         Full support for zip files. After downloading a screen (the zip file), just put it in any subfolder under the base folder. Program will handle it as a normal screen/folder.

·         EXCLUDE some folders (screens) from randomize them (see A Note for Exclude).

·         For boot screens, you can set or randomize them with 2 methods: 1) classic (using the exe file you download) or 2) using 3 bitmaps (existing or by extracting them from the exe file on fly and use them). All methods support all known features. Program always remember the position of progress bar.

·         Support for extracting boot and/or logon screens directly from zip files. Program can automatically detect the type of screen and extract it to the right folder with out user input.

·         Preview (classic or with THUMBNAILS) the Logon and Boot screens, if the new logon/boot screen comes with a .jpg or .bmp file. If not, there is a feature that you can browse and see all the bitmaps in the file. Also you can SAVE that bitmaps in jpg/gif/tiff/png/bmp format. With one click, you can save bitmap 100 (for logon screens) or bitmap 1 (for boot screens), which usually are the bitmaps with the basic picture. Also, support for MULTIPLE extract and save in jpg/gif/tiff/png/bmp format (very helpful for users that have a lot of screens with out a preview picture).
In order to load pictures faster at THUMBNAILS preview, program after detect NEW zip files, will prompt you to search the zip files for pictures. After searching, will extract the picture (if any) and save it to disk under the name "<name of zip file>.zip.jpg". The real format of the picture can be jpg/gif/tiff/png/bmp but after extraction the extension ALWAYS be .jpg

·         Support CATEGORIES for the screens (picture)

·         Favorites (as many as you want). You can tell the program to randomize in all of yours logon/boot screens OR in any one of the favorites you have create

·         Fully resizable - the preview (classic or thumbnails) follows the size of the main screen

·         Right click menus - drag and drop for favorites

·         Test logon screens with one button (F4)

·         Minimize to tray (if user want)

·         Load at start up (if user want)

How much it cost

·         It's totally free

How it works

·         You must put all your LogonUI and Boot files into subfolders under a main (base) folder (like '...\LogonUI' and '...\Boot'). That main folder MUST be different for logon and boot screens. You tell the program (in options dialog) that main folders and nothing else. Under that main folder, you can organize the screens the way you want (put them in categories/folders and subcategories/subfolders). If the program doesn’t found a base folder, it will show a welcome screen with instructions about how to set up the program and how to restore the system in case of problems (that welcome screen can see it, if you go to Help – Show welcome screen).

·         So, you must create 2 main folders ('c:\windows\LogonUI' and 'c:\windows\Boot'). Now, under these folders you can put the zip files you download and nothing more. Program can deal with zip files directly. You can organize the zip files as you want (create subfolders and put them inside), or if you don’t want to use zip files, you can extract them to your hard drive, but every zip file must be at his own subfolder, under the main folder.

·         If the download file contains a picture (screenshot) you can see this picture in the program. If not, you can use the feature to 'see all the bitmaps' in the file (and saved them in disk - see above).

·         If the Logon/Boot file includes an Info.ini file with the authors' information (like the Info.ini example file that included) then the users can know info about the author.

How to install

·         Extract the zip file to a folder. That's all...

·         (requires msvbvm60.dll. If you don't have it, you can find it everywhere in the net or here)

·         (After version 3.5.0 program requires comctl32.ocx. If you don't have it, you can find it everywhere in the net or here)

How to uninstall

·         Go to Help - Uninstall

·         Delete programs' folder

·         PREVIOUS USERS (before version 2.0.0): Delete the LogonUIRandomizer.lnk from yours start up folder (if any).



·         First time that program runs, creates 3 copies of your boot.ini (boot.bak and boot.lgb in the 'c:\' folder and a boot.ini in the programs' folder (that's for safety) - if boot.bak exists, renames it to boot_.bak). Also the first time creates the BOOTBAK.BAT file (you can use that file to restore your original boot.ini).

·         The program does NOT modify in any way your ntoskrnl.exe

·         If you have a multi boot system, the program the first time that will run, it will ask you in what OS you want to apply the random screens. If you want after to change that, go to Options - 'Select OS...' button.


Strange problems

·        'Out of memory' error, do this. Go to Start – Run. Type 'regsvr32 comctl32.ocx' and hit ok. Must be ok now.

·        Problems in thumbnails preview? At the right area of status bar you can see the pictures that the program try to load. After the run time error, see what picture make the problem and remove it. If you want send me a mail with the invalid picture, to check it and improve the error handling


You have strange problems when using the program? Like 'Out of memory' or 'File not found'?

Download this version (it's, lets say, a debug version): Debug version

This version has a lot of message boxes in many areas of the program. Extract it somewhere and send me an e-mail, saying after what message you see a run time error. I will check it and send you a reply.